The World Continuing Education Alliance

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an annual requirement for healthcare workers to study a set number of hours each year to increase knowledge and skills that will positively impact healthcare outcomes.

The World Continuing Education Alliance has built a platform that enables leading education providers to distribute their CPD courses internationally.

Once education is placed in the network, the courses can be accessed through the WCEA’s specialist CPD Learning Management System that is used by hundreds of organisations around the world.

The WCEA works in partnership with the World Medical Association and the International Council of Nurses and as part of these partnership agreements, significant focus has been placed on making CPD available to all healthcare workers in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC’s).

Because the platform has already been built for the supply of CPD throughout America and Europe, the additional cost of providing the system to Low and Middle Income Country governments is comparatively small. 

We are working with government departments and national associations in a large number of countries to implement systems to reach the millions of healthcare professionals that work in these regions.

Once the initial systems have been established in English, other languages are planned to follow shortly after.