Graham Hellier – Founder and Chairman

Graham is a serial entrepreneur who has built many successful businesses, including Teaching Personnel which is the UK’s largest teaching agency.  Graham was awarded an MBE for founding and funding the building of a village in El Salvador for over 3,000 people who were made homeless in mudslides caused by earthquakes. 

David Montgomery – Chief Executive Officer

David has held a number of positions with publishing companies, his last role was as CEO of Ingenta PLC, a publishing research and discovery platform. David has extensive experience with online publishing technology and has been highly instrumental in developing the additional software required for deploying learning into regions with poor internet connectivity.

Craig Fitzpatrick – Low and Middle-Income Country Director

Trained with a degree in accounting and Finance, and a former director of IFG PLC, Craig is the WCEA’s director for Low and Middle Income Countries.

Craig has been working with Health Care Professions Councils and MOH officials in more than 20 countries to understand the technological and learning requirements required.

Under Craig’s guidance the WCEA has built both the technology and education resources  to deliver Continuing Processional Development to every healthcare professional, regardless of the availability of internet connection and computers.

Samantha Chapman – Product Manager

Sam looks after the initial implementation and roll out of each country’s platform. Sam’s knowledge of the system and API integration into third party HR platforms is invaluable to each smooth platform launch.

The executive team is supported by dedicated staff who run design, support, programming and new customer engagement services.