Education Resources

Agreements with many of the world’s leading educators has been reached to supply their education for free, or at massively discounted rates into Low and Middle-Income Countries.

Examples of our education suppliers are John Hopkins Hospital, the UK National Health Service (E-learning for Healthcare) and many other leading, recognised educators from around the world.

The educators contribute many thousands of courses to the network. In addition to international content, education is also resourced from local education providers.

Recommended Education

Particular learning needs for each country are assessed and a number of courses are selected and marked as “recommended”.

The recommended courses focus on the most immediate needs for that country to raise the level of awareness, and build knowledge on how to treat / respond to certain diseases and illnesses.   

Recommended education is to be studied by every learner as part of their annual CPD remit. The learner then chooses from a selection of thousands of additional courses to learn on other subjects that they deem to be most useful to them to increase their skills and knowledge.