Access to Learning for All

Continuing Professional Development is a legislated requirement. It is essential that all those that are required to study, are able to access courses to do so.

The platform has been specially designed to overcome the need for stable internet and the availability of computers.

Mobile Phone Apps

The most effective way to make sure that everyone can study courses is to send them to their pocket! 

A separate app is created for each country/healthcare profession. The app is branded, for example for nurses the logo and branding is that of the nursing council.

Education that has been specially adapted for mobile phone delivery, including the country’s mandated courses, is made available within the app.

Each course can be downloaded and both the course and exam can be studied off- line with the exam result re-syncing with their learner account when the learner is next connected to the internet.

The mobile courses are specially adapted to be tiny files for easy download on even the poorest of internet connections. 

A learner need only have occasional access to the internet to be able to download the courses.


Apps are also available for tablets.


Where access to computers is possible, the learner can study through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Government / Department Branded

A separate, branded system is set up for each healthcare sector.  For example the Nurse platform can have both the Learning Management System, and the Apps branded in the Nursing Council’s logo and colours.